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 David has been an associate of mine for nearly a year. I have had an opportunity to observe and evaluate his work closely and I can say unequivocally that he has excellent skills. He was thrust into a medical environment where he was working with patients who were in musculoskeletal pain from a wide variety of causes and he handled it very well.

David learns quickly, has good intuition, and a good understanding of anatomy and physiology.  He develops excellent patient rapport and maintains a professional relationship with them.  David has and inquiring mind that drives him to learn more about causes and techniques. 

I highly recommend David as a body worker in any environment!

-Dr. Clarence L. Nicodemus, DO, PHD   Monterey, CA


 "David is the most talented therapist I know, and I have been to hundreds. He listens as though I were speaking my last words, and addresses each issue with the hands of an angel. I leave his table in a relaxed trance, and my spirit remains light throughout the week. Hands down, he is the best."

-Sarah Vail - Interior Designer of the Stars - New York, New York


David is without a doubt the best body worker I have ever been too.  For as long as I have been getting massages, I have always requested a female thinking it is just less awkward. One of my friends told me that I had to try David if I really wanted to fix the nagging aches and pains, so I did, and I officially refuse to go to anyone else.  I have received a few massages from other therapists on some business trips, but since going to David I leave each time thinking why did I just waste my money on that.  David will spoil you because he has an extreme amount of knowledge on the human body and understands that every body and every symptom is so different.  He will pinpoint whatever is causing problems and fix the issue.  One of the best parts about David is he is able to heal you while at the same time create a relaxing stress relieving atmosphere.  I have referred many people to him, Female and Male and they are happy with the results every time.

 -Barrett Conrad

Monterey, CA


David is a miracle worker. I first started seeing him to fix a shoulder injury that had plagued me for several years. In only a few sessions, he was able to reverse years of damage and restore full range of motion to my shoulder. It was truly an incredible experience. David has the skill, the touch, and the intuition necessary to guide your body back into a state of health.

 - Ashley McKay

Carmel Valley




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